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Our customizable solutions increase productivity, quality and provides cost advantages for various workflow requirements. 

Lease Administration Services

For those looking to staff their Real Estate back offices remotely with experienced, trained resources, Eximius BPO offers various solutions for the commercial, corporate, multi-family, and residential real estate sector, including our popular Dedicated Staffing Services. We are well-versed with the requirements of real estate back office work as well as the use of leading industry software. From lease abstraction to administration and audits, you will find experienced remote analysts who are prepared to tackle all your required tasks. 

Eximius BPO’s services include, but are not limited to: 


Lease Abstraction

Eximius BPO can abstract new leases and update or validate existing data points using various third party technologies.   Whether retail, office, equipment, cell towers, or other related contacts, our experience and process will ensure timely and reliable work.

Handling Escrow

Handling Escrow

Eximius BPO will verify and update client systems to keep records on escrow, including overpayment and shortfall adjustments.  

Managing Balances

Managing Outstanding Balances

Eximius BPO will review tenant ledgers and compare them to invoices to spot outstanding balances. 

Lease Audits

Lease Audits

Eximius BPO can help ensure that payments and billings comply with your rights and obligations as stipulated in your leases.

Broker Support Services

Broker Support Services

We can help create information memorandumsprovide marketing support, or other back office/administrative tasks. 

Logging of taxes

Logging of Taxes, Statements, Utilities, and More

Record keeping with Eximius BPO covers logging of reconciliation statements into your system, review of monthly or quarterly CAM statements, real estate tax billings, utility and other miscellaneous billings, and invoice creation. 

Dedicated Staffing Services

Your One Stop Solution for Diverse Resource Requirements

Creating a true back office setting, Eximius BPO provides dedicated staffing solution to act as support roles for any task that may come up. All of our employees are provided extensive training in lease abstracting and administration, so you are certain to find the help you need with the industry knowledge you require.  We can provide the true benefits of having an in-house team including the cost-effectiveness and best practices of outsourcing without the HR headaches and Financial and Operational burdens that come with other solutions. 

More importantly, our Dedicated Staffing Solution can also be adopted by other industries and diverse workflow requirements.   

Dedicating Staffing

Our 24-Hour Workflow Process

With Eximius BPO, your work is always underway. Our solutions are customizable so you can ensure that work can be done on a 24-hour basis.  Here is a sample of how a dedicated team can be used to complement an in-house team in the US. 

About Us

Eximius BPO is an expert in providing services for the real estate industry. With vast experience in increasing efficiencies and maximizing profits for our clients, you can be assured that our work provides peace of mind. 

From our own name – meaning “excellent” in Latin – we derive our company values which guide our day to day dealings with customers, employees and other stakeholders. 

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"I think the service is great - everyone always does whatever they can to meet a deadline. Work product is generally very good and the service is exceptional."
Vice President
Commercial Real Estate Consulting Company
"Eximius has been a great support over the past few years for myself and my clients - thank you and keep up the excellent service!"
Senior Lease Analyst
Commercial Real Estate Consulting Company
"Your team is great to work with and an asset to our operations."
Account Manager
Commercial Real Estate Consulting Company
"I have been happy with your services in every way."
Account Manager
Commercial Real Estate Consulting Company
"I have had nothing but positive experiences!"
Director of Acquisitions
Real Estate Solutions Company

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