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Delivers world-class back office services and solutions; reliably, and on time.

Since 2005, our organization has been known as a leading provider of skilled resources for clients with diverse Lease Administration workflow assignments. Whether they need to abstract and migrate numerous leases into a new system; validate lease information or supplement existing lease data; verify lease payables or perform audits; or need assistance with a multitude of other administrative tasks, our solutions enable Clients to confidently make operational decisions based on accurate and timely data.

We have used our learnings over hundreds of successful Lease Management Implementations and adopted them to other diverse workflow requirements through our Dedicated Staffing Model.  Whatever skill set is required, from Virtual Analysts to Data Analysts, we will adopt our proven Recruiting, Training and Development processes as well as our Project Management and Implementation Methods to ensure that our Clients get the best possible results and ROI.


To deliver reliable world-class back office services and on-time solutions. 


To be the foremost choice in Lease Management Services and Expert Resources for diverse workflow requirements.


Our organization strives to ensure that all develop a true understanding of our values and are guided by them in all daily tasks and service attitude.


We enforce these values yearly by aligning them with our training and development, employee assessments, engagement activities and other programs. 


Eximius BPO is committed to developing employees as responsible citizens with cognition of sustainability principles and pillars. Eximius BPO leads the following initiatives: 

For Environment

For the Environment

Eximius BPO promotes eco-friendly procedures and have implemented an Energy Efficiency and Paperless Initiative. We integrate sustainability into the company’s culture, ranging from hiring practices and training to employee engagement activities by going paperless and using recycled materials in the office.

For Society

For Society

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility. Eximius works with several charities to advance shared sustainability interests and to collaborate on sponsored events, like annual outreach programs. We are also an equal opportunity employer. We support the fair treatment of all regardless of non-work related characteristics such as age, disability, gender, national origin, race, etc. 

For Economy

For the Economy

We believe success comes from attitude and drive.  We are proud that we hire based on the accomplishments of the student rather than school. We recruit from both Private and State Universities, covering diverse educational backgrounds, and develop expertise through our training, development and mentoring programs. 

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