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A Desktop Audit Proves a Viable Option

desktop audit

A desktop audit is a review of the records that you, the tenant, maintain at your office. Rent charges, as well as additional expenses including CAM, tax, insurance fees, etc., can be incorporated in desktop audits. Annual or monthly comparisons can be conducted and assessed according to the terms of the lease.

Eximius BPO real estate auditors have helped gather and compare expense data for many tenants. These reviews have identified significant overcharges and subsequent savings. Because of these positive results, this desirable capability makes conducting desktop audits a good business option.

Furthermore, desktop audits are a good practice when considering time and cost associated with travel, as well as limitations regarding today’s lease management staffing challenges. Due to recent travel and workspace Covid restrictions, both tenants and landlords are finding desktop audits can help satisfy their due diligence obligations while working through staffing and travel limitations.

Another consideration that proponents of desktop audits point out is that a tenant can conduct a review of the expenses prior to paying the invoices. If billing questions do surface, the tenant can effectively address them and seek immediate remedy with the landlord before paying an invoice.

This differs from more involved onsite audits. How? The audit takes place at the landlord’s location and involves a first-hand review of the landlord records. If discrepancies surface, the tenant is now in a position of having to initiate reconciliation discussions long after the invoices have been paid.

Ask how the Eximius BPO desktop audit team can assist your company’s auditing schedule.

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