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When to Consider Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Whether you’re a Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, or Investor, you are likely spending a good chunk of your time doing admin work.

Initially it may seem manageable, but things can quickly get out of hand and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Consequently, challenges like low productivity, missed opportunities, or scalability issues may arise.

At this point, it may be a good idea to consider hiring a reliable real estate virtual assistant to help manage your day-to-day operations. Here are some tasks a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can perform:

Data Entry

Running a real estate business involves handling large amounts of data, from client information to your property details. Keeping it safe, organized, and up-to-date demands a reasonable amount of time. Hiring a dedicated assistant frees up your time, ensures you don’t miss out on the important stuff, and lets you focus on your core business.


Regardless if you’re a real estate agent searching for comparable properties, an investor looking for investment opportunities, or a property manager screening tenants, research plays an integral role in your business. REVAs can take on the nitty-gritty part of the research process and provide you with valuable insight to support your business decisions.


Marketing is a crucial function that takes a significant amount of skill, effort, and time. Although doing things on your own may seem ideal, the lack of a dedicated marketing staff could bottleneck your operations. A real estate virtual assistant can help with lead generation, cold-calling, email marketing, listing management, and so much more.

Customer Service
Whether you’re a real estate agent talking to sellers or a property manager addressing tenant issues, treating clients well is a priority. Good customer support is vital for success, but it often takes a backseat. 
Fortunately, Real Estate Virtual Assistants can handle customer service functions like answering phone calls, responding to emails, and providing live chat support. Using REVAs promotes good customer relationships and high retention rates. 

A Piece of Advice… 

These are only some of the tasks Real Estate Virtual Assistants could perform at a fraction of the cost. Stay ahead of the competition and grow your business without cutting corners. Take advantage of the benefits and hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant now.

Contact the experts at Eximius BPO to know more about our Real Estate Virtual Assistance Service.

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