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NTrust Acquires Eximius!

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — NTrust Infotech, a leader in Commercial Real Estate software and services, announces the acquisition of Philippine-based Eximius BPO, one of the leading providers of Commercial Real Estate abstraction and lease administration services. With over 19 years of experience NTrust provides lease abstraction, administration, and accounting services for a range of REITs, Owner/Developers, and Fund Managers, as well as to all the major CRE Service Providers. In addition, NTrust has developed an impressive software platform, REmaapAI, which leverages Artificial Intelligence and combines workflow, document management, data management, and business rules to support a range of lease abstraction and administrative activities. NTrust plans on using the technology platform to significantly boost Eximius BPO’s capabilities and expand the client-base which it currently serves.

“With Eximius’ talented and experienced workforce, and NTrust’s technological prowess, the combination of these companies will create one of the largest CRE services companies operating worldwide. We are pleased to welcome Eximius to the NTrust team,” Srikanth Ramachandran, CEO of NTrust, noted in a call with investors. “In addition to abstraction services we plan on significantly growing our lease and property accounting team with the excellent talent pool available in the Philippines.”

“Our acquisition by NTrust will provide us with a tremendous software platform, and an infusion of talented technology resources that will allow us to expand and improve our services capabilities,” stated Javey de Venecia, President and General Manager of Eximius. “We look forward to growing the business both in size and scope of services, including accounting services.”

This acquisition establishes NTrust as the #1 independent provider of CRE services worldwide. NTrust’s use of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Flexible Workflows, and Business Rule scripts has provided high quality abstraction services to an international client base. Providing these technologies to the Eximius team will provide clients with excellent quality lease abstraction, quicker turnaround times, and improved reporting capabilities due to much more granular abstraction models.

REmaapAI , NTrust’s flagship abstraction and workflow platform, provides a range of automated features while maintaining a “Human in the Loop” approach to abstraction. The tool automates the OCR, Document QC, and Clause Identification processes; assisting the abstraction team by identifying clause language across all lease documents. It also provides for automated data validation through its robust business rules engine.

“The combination of talent, technology, and process controls between the businesses will create a powerful partner to all our existing clients, and provide new clients with Co-sourcing resources to help manage and grow their businesses,” concluded Srikanth Ramachandran.

About NTrust
NTrust is the global industry leader specializing in delivery of technology-enabled services for the CRE industry. Established in 2003 by CRE industry specialists, NTrust has over 1,100 employees worldwide and has completed over 1,000,000 lease abstracts from 40 languages and 106 countries. Our clients include global REITs, owner/developers, service providers and occupiers.

About Eximius
Eximius BPO provides high-value real estate processing services. Our goal is to help businesses organize and access critical information so they can focus on core competencies. We deliver these services with an understanding of the service-level, security and scalability requirements necessary to succeed. Our services are enhanced by selective recruitment, intensive training, and a meticulous Quality Control Process.

Media contacts
USA: Richard Platzek: rplatzek@nturstinfotech.com
India: Sornamani Agneeswaran: asornamnai@ntrustinfotech.com
Manila: Javey de Venecia: jdevenecia@eximiusbpo.com

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