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Our staffing resources increase productivity and offer significant cost advantages. 24-hour work processes, high-quality resources and an effective cost structure deliver reliable, proven results.

Staff assignments and services are tailored to your specific needs, whether you require short-term project assistance or a long-term dedicated staffing solution.

Dedicated Staffing (Per headcount)

Eximius offers Dedicated Staffing. This is the ideal solution for processing tedious information that is both time-consuming and costly. A Dedicated Staffing arrangement provides you with a dedicated team for a fixed rate per month. This translates into tremendous immediate cost savings to you.

Additional advantages include:

  • Diverse Performance. Your team can perform a multitude of skilled functions such as abstracting, updates, reconciliations, payables, administration or any other support work you need at no additional cost.
  • Guaranteed capacity, regardless of other projects we are working on.
  • Significant productivity gains. The same team working and specializing on your projects leads to better efficiency and high-quality output.
  • Scalable resource availability to meet additional capacity needs. Scale your team capacity upward as your business grows. If you have a large project, you have the option to access additional capacity as needed.
  • Control of your operational costs. Dedicated Staffing works perfectly for those who have a continuous workload and diverse requirements. Operationally, it’s a cost-effective option that gives you control of your operational costs and your dedicated team’s day-to-day activities.

Dedicated staffing maximizes your capacity to effectively manage your business, ensure efficient operations and improve ROI without the added HR burdens, operational issues or unexpected costs.

Wondering if this solution can actually work for you? See ourĀ introductory proposals.

Project Work (Per Lease)

Your assignment is always customized to your preferences, and the end results are always accurate, on time, and delivered in a way that allows you to easily review the critical information.

Many of our clients are challenged by the unpredictability of their workload. For example, they often have seasonal needs for increased capacity for commercial real estate lease abstracting.

We provide experienced and highly trained staff, which gives you the flexibility of quickly scaling to meet the challenges involved in a wide range of projects that require superior attention to highly detailed data and information processing.

Project Assistance Dedicated Staffing
Immediate access to trained resources
Ability to scale to support growth
Guaranteed capacity
Ability to focus more on tasks that impact your bottom line
Replication of your process and conventions to produce desired results
Improved productivity
Unlimited scope of work at no additional cost
Dedicated project manager as point of contact
Fixed monthly cost
Real-time tracking of work progress through our E-prod tool
Data security and confidentiality
no HR and Operational headaches