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Lease Administration Services

We manage thousands of Real Estate, Equipment, Office, Telecom and other related Leases and Contracts every year and have provided effective solutions for the industry’s most difficult workflow challenges.
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Featured Solutions

Lease Abstraction

We can extract critical information from a lease such as financial and legal data as well as key dates and enter it quickly and reliably to your database

Lease Portfolio Maintenance

We can ensure your database is up to date by abstracting new leases, updating existing abstracts with new amendments/expansions/etc., or adding to the scope to ensure the completeness of the abstract

Due Diligence Support

We can abstract key lease terms, options, dates and dollars, etc. to support Financial Modelling and other relevant parts of the due diligence process

Abstract Validation

Are you happy with the quality of your data? Have you been penalized before? We can ensure that critical dates, financial data and any other crucial information are valid and accurate

Document and Contract Management

We can help migrate data into a new database, update or validate your data even if they are not Real Estate Leases. We have proven that our best in class training can be adopted to any type of document or contract

Handling Escrow

Eximius BPO will verify and update client systems to keep records on escrow, including overpayment and shortfall adjustments

CAM and Opex Reconcilation

We can help reconcile Common Area Maintenance and Operating Expenses to ensure that no underpayments or overpayments exists as per the lease contract

Invoice Processing

We can help your team process invoices from receipt to payment and recording in the general ledger

Lease Audit

We can ensure that the charges which have been paid are accurate and conforms with the lease terms


We can provide resources to help with recording, classifying, and organizing every financial transaction that is made through the course of business operations

Broker Support Services

We can help provide research, marketing support or other back office/ administrative tasks required to help make your work more efficient

Data Entry

We can help encode important data from documents

15 Years of Trusted Service

45000 +
Managed Leases
149 +
Lease Admin Specialists
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Our Focus on Quality

Our Quality Compliance Protocol insures improvement at each stage of our process. Essentially, at least two different people will go through the deliverables before it is sent to the client. 

After the initial work is completed, our Quality Assurance team conducts production-integrated checks and procedures, including 100% editing and verification. This review provides immediate feedback to our analysts and ensures that clients only receive work from experienced resources, resulting in improved and consistent quality. 

Our Technology

Eximius continues to develop and invest in technology to support our continuous improvement mindset. From our Workflow tool which helps clients remotely manage their projects and teams, to exploring Artificial Intelligence and Translation Services.

In addition, our investment strategies in technology for human resource development and engagement activities have resulted in consistently high ratings from our employees.

We understand that many Lease Administration Software is available. That is why we invest in ways to ensure that we can provide the most consistent and reliable service regardless of what technology you decide to use.

Our People

All our employees are college graduates with excellent quantitative and English reading and writing skills. All have gone through our stringent hiring process and our proprietary training program. We conduct psychological and aptitude testing as well as reference checks on all candidates.

Candidates who pass our pre-employment exams must also pass a thirty (30) day training class. The training class gives us extensive working experience with a candidate before they are allowed to work on client data.

All our Quality Assurance people have gone through the same training and development program and process and are promoted to the position once they have proven that they can consistently deliver results based on our and our clients’ standards.

Our Work. Your peace of mind.

Eximius BPO has been able to build a strong platform with respect to a referenceable client base, a strong management team, proven resources and a positive market reputation.  

Our experience will ensure the proper implementation of your lease administration and lease abstraction requirements.