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Why Eximius

Why outsourcing to Eximius is the smartest choice ?

For more than 8 years and over 50,000 Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Lease abstractions, we’ve provided effective solutions for the Real Estate Management Industry’s most difficult workflow challenges.

Eximius Provides:
  • Tailored Solutions

    Staffing assignments and services are tailored to your specific needs, whether you require short-term project assistance or a long-term dedicated staffing solution.

  • Scalable, High Quality Resources to address Long-Term growth issues

    We’ve earned an outstanding reputation for our lease abstracting and data validation capabilities within the lease administration profession.

  • Client Satisfaction

    We are proud that we have a 90% client retention rate, majority of whom have dedicated staffing or long-term arrangements with us.

  • Data Protection

    Our processes are ISO 27001:2013 certified which means that your data is safe with us.

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Eximius Tool

our tool e-Prod

Our tool, e-Prod, was initially created as our internal tracking tool to help us monitor where each document is in our process and assist us in assessing our team’s development then evolved into a monitoring tool for client use where you can get real-time status updates for each projects and keep track of any issues encountered for each lease.

What's in it for our Clients?

  • Get real time status updates on each Lease file and  Project
  • You can put a file on hold for further instructions or remove a file in the abstraction queue
  •  You can add comments
  •  You print a report in excel

What's in it for Eximius?

  • Process Compliance
  • Proper Statistics are captured
  • Continuous Development
  • Status updates on every Lease file/Project
  • Assist us in assessing our team’s development
    • Allows our Analysts to see the tasks assigned to them
    • Shows our Analysts the status of each file and what should be done
    • Analysts can download the lease file, upload once completed and add comments